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I'm a Product Designer with a background in visual design. Currently working at Pluralsight, helping democratise technology skills through online learning.

Previously at FLG, building cross-platform experiences that help members archive their fitness goals.
I like to continuously learning by curating the best product and design resources.

Case studies

Product design projects where I work on full time or freelance capacity, leveraging user behaviour research, UX best practices and visual design

Image of a phone with a screen of a portal web page. There's some icon and a couple of article

Goodlife Fitness Challenge

A portal that empowers Fitness Challenge participants to reach their fitness goal whilst creating a long term healthy habit

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A phone with a screen of an app about finance


A gamifying financial literacy program that supports community housing tenants.

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A phone that display an app that show two section: todat's schedule and workout plan

A Cloud Guru Practice Exams

An assessment product that helps cloud learners gain confidence before taking their certification.

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A phone that show an app that have a title say application tracking, an image of a dog and a tracker

Adopt Easy

An app that helps improving the pet adoption process, by connecting future pet owners with adoption shelters.

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Side projects

A space for past Hackathons and incoming passion projects


Born from the COVID-19 Global Hackathon, this is a project providing the infrastructure for mobile medical care - created by a global team across 3 continents with different expertises. The solution consists of a remote operations center that can track and interact with patients, who have a mobile app and wearable sensors that continuously monitor their vital signs.

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A solution to Hack the Crisis Australia - a 48 Hour Virtual Hackathon. The project vision is allowing users to virtually travel the world whilst helping small businesses stay afloat by hosting online experiences. Beside from providing an extra income stream for small businesses, they can also stay connected with customers amid COVID-19 restrictions.

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Visual design

A selection of visual and brand design projects - where my foundation in design was built.


Reposition the super for everyday Australians - work with AustralianSuper to create collaterals that make things simpler, more helpful, and transparent for every member.

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Blue Illusion

Blue Illusion is a French inspired womens fashion brand born in Australia. Their vision is to help customers connect with values of nature, home and family.

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