Product designer | 2020 - present

Goodlife Health Clubs - Challenges Portal

Empowering member to reach their fitness goal

A member portal that provides Challenge participants fitness content, daily recipes, and a leaderboard to reach their fitness goal and create a healthy habit. The portal enables members to engage with digital content and keep track of their 8 Weeks Challenge progress through a wide range of features.

An initiative by Australia’s largest fitness network (Fitness & Lifestyle Group), the Challenge Portal provides a standardise model to be rolled out across other fitness brands that own by the group. It's also content-manageable, giving power to the marketing and customer team to quickly update the wellness contents that best suit our members.

Image of a phone with a screen of a portal web page. There's some icon and a couple of article
Allow members to customise diet and workout plan that work for them
Daily Nutrition
Daily meal plan accompanies by a weekly shopping list
Weekly workout
Workout articles and recipes are content-manageable allowing speedy update by production team
Workout leaderboard - gamifying the experience to keep member motivated


Problem overview

How might we engage Goodlife 8 Week Challenge participants in their fitness journey and empower them to reach their fitness goal whilst creating a long term healthy habit.

Project limitations and challenges

Collaborate with multiple vendors including external and internal development team

The portal is serve as a standardise model to be rolled out across other fitness brands - adjust to accomodate unforeseen brand customisation issues with other brands

Adapt to a newly implemented identity and access management system


As one of the product designer for this project, I collaborate closely with the other designer, product owner, business analyst, challenge manager to uncover business + user requirements and analyse data for this project. I was responsible for researching, and delivering functions that would benefit challenge participants including: personalisation and payment, meal plan and shopping list, weekly workout articles and leaderboard.

As part of this project, I'm also tasked with creating highly flexible and content-manageable components and pages that allow our content editors, nutritionists and production team to quickly deliver and update.

Customer Insights & Segmentation

Target Segment
Active All Rounders
These members are health-conscious and like to focus on a wide range of health & fitness activities. They have sporadic gym routines.
Opportunities: Focus on healthy eating, include a wide range of exercise for them to incorporates and transform into long term routine.
Target Segment
Exercise Enthusiasts
Goal-driven members that like a challenge. Highly regimented with their gym routine and programs.
Opportunities: Goal-based challenges that customisable to focus on specific goals. Ability to track their progress and leaderboard.
Target Segment
Gym Avoiders
Lack of motivation with their current fitness habit. Need encouragement and accountability. Looking for entry-level exercises.
Opportunities: Consistent challenges to get them into a routine. Exercises should focuses on weight loss and shows difficulty level upfront.
Mature & Motivated
Matured members who are retired / approaching retirement. They are self-motivated and consistent with their gym routine.
Not the primary target segment for this product. Further opportunities for age group based challenges.
Young Casuals
Spontaneous in their approach to exercise. Less conscious commitment to health and fitness. Casual approach to diet.
Not the primary target segment for this product. Further opportunities for meal plan flexibility: select pre-made meals from partners.