Adopt Easy

An app that helps the pet adoption process painless and easy. People who are adopting pets from shelters or rescue websites find it hard to keep up with available pets to be adopted in real-time. On the other hand, pet rescue organizations don't have enough resources to update and communicate with every single applicant on their progresses. The solution is to deliver a way to help them search, keep up with available pets in real-time and provide an easy platform for communication between different shelters and adopters all in one place.

User challenges

Users who are adopting a pet from shelter or rescue website find it difficult to track for available pet in real time

Users want an easy way to communicate and arrange visit time with shelters or rescue organisations. Many have express a need for feedback from shelters if their application is rejected to increase the chances of success for next time

Users find it tricky to keep track and mange their application process


We believe that we can ease users application process for a pet from a shelter if they can view and track their progress with the timeline feature.



Quantitative: Online Survey
Qualitative: 1 on 1 user Interview

By conducting user interviews and survey, I discovered a general theme in the application process is people did not receive responses or feedback within a reasonable amount of time, while it's quite competitive to get the pet that you like. A large amount of users did their research online before make a decision to visit a shelter, however they found websites run by these shelter don't have up to date information on which pet are available in real time.



The first phase of this project focus on building a persona for pet adopter. From the research phase, I discover that the main target persona is

  • Danni the Dog Lover: This group of people are ethically conscious, they want to give abandoned pets a home, however due to their busy work schedule and living far from shelter facilities, going through the adoption process has been quite difficult.

User Journey


User flow

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