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A life and financial literacy program that motivates and supports community housing tenants to achieve homeownership. This is a learning project for Head Start Homes and Westpac, with the aim of supporting community housing tenants - who because of structural barriers and lack of self-belief, don't think that owning their own home is possible. The aim of this app is to educate and support these users to overcome their challenges, improve their financial literacy in a fun and interactive way.


How might we support and educate community housing residents to improve their financial and life literacy in a fun and interactive way so that they are moving closer towards achieving home ownership?

How might we provide social housing residents personalised supports to empower and motivate them to achieve their financial and home ownership goal?

How might we increase collaboration and empower every member of the family financial & life literacy to build a strong community that support and grow together towards their financial and home ownership goal?


We believe that we can empower and motivate the users if they get personalised support with the mentoring feature.

We believe that improving user financial literacy & independence will be achieved if users attains financial and mortgage knowledge in a fun and interactive way with messaging style quizzes.

We believe that a strong community and families will be fostered if the users feel they share knowledge with their families by participate in group challenge and share knowledge with family library.




1 on 1 user Interview. Our research participants are a combinations of community housing tenants and people who are living in rental property who doesn't have access to family wealth to purchase their own home.

Through our process of empathising with the users, we were able to discovered that there is a big misconception with the home buying process and mortgage origination. The users with high financial literacy think that home ownership is an added risk and a scarify to their current lifestyle, while the low efficacy users think that home ownership is not possible due to lack of financial discipline and personalised support.



From the insights gathered from this research, we realised that there are two target personas for our solution:

  • Hannah Hi: high efficacy and medium-high financial literacy. This group of people have good finance habits, and some has already starting to put money aside for a house deposits. They think homeownership is good for longterm stability but hesitate due to the added risks. They are frustrated with juggling different financial priorities and finding an affordable house that match their criteria.
  • Luke Lo: low financial literacy and low efficacy. This group of people are aware that they need to save, but lack of the motivations and usually have no financial goals. They have lower self belief and small, disconnected personal network to support them over difficult time. They think home ownership is not possible due to their struggling with personal finance and a lack of understanding in mortgage and personalised supports. It's the stakeholder long term goal to help this group own a home.


User Flow

I graphed out the core features of the app, where the three main area of focus are quests, shared library and community. This also show their interaction with each other.

Visual Design

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